The Cybersex survey asks about your opinion and experiences of chatting online and hooking up. By joining the survey you can support innovative research at NCHSR and win up to $800 in vouchers!

What is the survey about?

We want to understand how the Internet shapes the sexuality of gay and bisexual men and how online chat and fantasising impacts on sexual and risk behaviours in real life. Your responses are important whatever your level of experience with online chat.
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What does participating to the survey imply?

The survey consists of an initial online questionnaire and one short follow-up questionnaire that will be sent out three months from now. You are free to complete only the initial questionnaire or both the initial and the follow-up questionnaire. You also have the option of dropping out at any time. All your data and answers are kept confidential.

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What are the benefits in participating?

This survey will generate new research knowledge to inform health promotion programs for men who meet sex partners online. You will not be paid for your participation in the survey, but you can win a $400 voucher if you complete the initial questionnaire and up to $800 if you complete both the initial questionnaire and the short follow-up survey that will be sent to consenting participants in three months from now.
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Projects partners

The Cybersex Project is being conducted by the National Centre in HIV Social Research in collaboration with ACON, the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and Positive Life NSW. The study has been approved by the UNSW Human Research Ethics Committee and the Ethics Committee of ACON.