CyberSEXproject, a survey about online chat and hooking up.

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Info for participants

The protocol used in this study has been approved by the UNSW Human Research Ethics Committee and the Ethics Committee of ACON.

» Open the Participant Information Statement here [PDF]

This survey contains some explicit questions about sexual practices, as well as questions on HIV. If you are not comfortable answering such questions we advise you not to take part in the survey.

To participate in specific aspects of this survey you will be asked to provide an email address so we can send you the link to the questionnaires. Your email address will be kept strictly confidential.

All your responses from either survey will be also kept confidential. Nobody will ever know that you participated in this survey.

You will have the option of withdrawing from the study at any time if you don't want to receive the short follow-up questionnaire.
To withdraw, simply send an email to the survey's Chief investigator at with the words 'STOP CYBERSEX SURVEY' in the subject heading. A drop out option is also included in all the emails that will be sent to you.