CyberSEXproject, a survey about online chat and hooking up.

Project partners

The Cybersex Project is being conducted by the National Centre in HIV Social Research (NCHSR) in collaboration with ACON, the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and Positive Life. The study is funded by the AIDS/Infectious Diseases Branch of the Centre for Health Protection, NSW Health.


Dr Philippe Adam, NCHSR
Prof John de Wit, NCHSR
Mr Dean Murphy, NCHSR and AFAO

Research assistant

Jorlijn Hermans


Ms Janice Knapman

Steering committee

Mr Yves Calmette, ACON
Mr Simon Donohoe, AFAO
Mr Barry Edwards, NSW Health
Mr Geoff Honnor, ACON
Mr Shih-Chi Kao, ACON
Mr Phillip Keen, AFAO
Ms Kathy Triffitt, Positive Life NSW


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