CyberSEXproject, a survey about online chat and hooking up.

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Project's timeline

The Cybersex project is the first fully automated online follow-up survey to be conducted in Australia. After completing the initial questionnaire you will have the possibility to take part in the follow-up study.

A two wave online survey

Participants are invited to respond to two online questionnaires.

  • The initial online questionnaire (15 to 20 minutes) is accessible now.

  • The short follow-up questionnaire (7 to 10 minutes) will be sent to consenting participants 3 months after completion of the initial questionnaire.

You can end your participation in the study at any time.

What are the questionnaires about?

The initial questionnaire asks about your opinions and experiences of online chat. In particular you will be asked about the type of interactions you have had (or intend to have) online as well as the sexual behaviours you participate in when you meet your chat partners in real life.

The follow-up questionnaire will explore how your intentions and plans regarding online chat and sex are transformed into actual behaviours. In this questionnaire, you will also be asked to describe your last sexual encounter.